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  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    10 years 8 months ago
    Thank you for sharing your pictures..great albums!
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    10 years 9 months ago
    All the events look like fun
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    10 years 10 months ago
    Cool photos ;]
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    10 years 10 months ago

    Just dropping by to leave a note. Have a great weekend.

  • 11 years ago
    We are doing Bull in china Shop in New Iberia, LA and are loving looking at all the pictures of the beautiful ladies! thanks for the inspiration! Nettie and Hildegarde
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    11 years 2 months ago
  • Anita (Private)
    11 years 5 months ago
    Renee, You look great on stage and so does everyone else!! Looks like all the hard work is paying off!!! Have fun and Break a leg!!!!!! Wish I could be there to see what all the "drama's" about!!!!!
  • 11 years 6 months ago
    Nice pictures. Good Luck with the production. Hey Miss NeeNee, another reason to come back to NY....BROADWAY!!!!!
    Much love and God's blessings to you and all.
    Break A Leg!!!! (just not literally..OK?)
    One Love
    Uncle D
  • 11 years 11 months ago
    Just wanted to tell you how much i appreciate your pictures they put a smile on my everyday especailly being able to see my dad online and see the work hes been doing is heartwarming thank you ever so much for allowing me to view these photos.
    Buggy in Alaska
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    12 years 2 months ago
    nice pics
  • Terry (Private)
    12 years 2 months ago
    Your pictures are great.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    13 years 4 months ago
    Thanx for sharing your great collection - keep it up!
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